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Our first class or 2011. All of the students completed the NRA Basic Pistol, Home Firearm Safety & Personal Protection in the Home. Pictured holding the Ohio Ordnance Works M240SLR is NRA Instructor David A. John. NRA instructor Jim Bekkering led the class in the final Weapons Firing Event and Qualification.

On Dec 19, 2011: The Vermillion County Sheriffs Department led by Deputy Tim Dispennett (Senior instructor for the South Vermillion High School Law Enforcement Training) trained 6 SVHS students and evaluated performance objectives. Each of the 6 students were placed in the virtual simulator and performed 13 basic law enforcement functions.

Click on the Imarksman Icon below to see one of the many scenarios you may encounter with our virtual simulator. Active Reset Glock 21's with LaserLyte pulse projection will give you a near real life situation that you act on.

The projection screen is life size 6.6 X 8.6 Feet.

The File is 13MGbyte. Please allow a minute to load depending on your connection speed.


 Thank you for your interest!