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SANDWICHES (Everything Home made, hand cut, tenderized with, no processed meats)

McLake Fat Daddy Pork Tenderloin:
House Special Deep Fried Pork Tenderloin Served with Lettuce, Tomato, Vlasic Crinkle Pickles,  Red Onion On a Dusted Kaiser Bun. Choice of Side 

McLake Fat Daddy Chicken Breast Tenderloin:
House Special Deep Fried Chicken Tenderloin Served with Lettuce, Tomato, Vlasic Crinkle Pickles,  Red Onion On a Dusted Kaiser Bun. Choice of Side

Italian Beef:
Two Spicy Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwiches Topped with Melted Mozzarella Cheese on a Bratwurst Bun.  Pepperoncini’s and & Choice of Side
Italian Combo:
8 inch Sub Layered with Roast Beef, Oven Roosted Chicken, Smoked Hickory Ham , Hard Salami, Provolone Cheese and Topped with Ken’s Creamy Italian Dressing. Choice of Side                                                                                                                         

McLake Boss Hog:
Layers of Smoked Hickory Ham,  Smoked Bacon, and Provolone Cheese all between a  Dusted Kaiser Bun and Choice of Side

Traditional BBQ:
Two Hand Shredded Pulled Pork Sandwiches Topped with Sweet Baby Back BBQ Sauce. Choice of Side.

Beef Brisket, Bacon Provolone/
The Best Smoked Brisket with Bacon and a Melted Mix of Provolone and
Mozzarella Cheese on a Dusted Kaiser Bun You May Ever Have. Served with Dill Pickle Spears and Choice of Side

Texas Grilled Cheese:
Two Huge Grilled Garlic Buttered Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches Served with Dill Pickle Spears. Choice of Side

Three Traditional Corn Hard or Soft Shelled Taco’s with Seasoned Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Mexican Cheese, Onion, Sour Crème, Salsa and Refried Beans Topped With Cheese. No fillers what so ever.

    Kettle Crunch Baked Chips                               SIDE SALAD:
                 Broasted Potato Wedges                                 With One Side -    $1.87
                 Italian Pasta Salad                                           Substitute A Side - $.93
                 German Potato Salad (Warm or Cold

(Blend of Romaine Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Carrots, Red Cabbage & Radishes)

McLake Tenderloin Salad:

A Crispy Full Sliced McLake Tenderloin (Pork or Chicken, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Mexican Blend Cheese and Croutons. 

Grilled Chicken Salad:
Grilled Smoked Fajita Chicken Slices, Tomatoes, Red Onions, CranRaisins, Croutons, Mexican Blend Cheese, Pecans and Cheese Quesadillas.

Hawaiian Chicken Salad:
Grilled Chicken, Tomato, Pineapple Chunks, Red Onions, Mandarin Oranges, Oriental Rice Noodles and Quesadillas.                                                                                             
Taco Salad:
Shredded Lettuce, With your Choice Of Seasoned Ground Beef or Fijitas Chicken, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Tri-Colored Tortilla Chips, Sour, Refried Beans, Fresh Salsa, Topped With Mexican Cheese and Quesadillas.
Quesadilla Salad:

Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Tri-Colored Tortilla Strips, Cheese, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Sour Cream, Salsa Cheese Quesadillas.

Salad Dressings:
Vidalia Onion,  Vinaigrette, Ranch, Light Ranch, Light Raspberry, Italian, Creamy French, Balsamic, Honey Mustard, Poppyseed,Thousand Island, Blue Cheese

Kid’s Meals:
Served with Their Choice of Sides

Tenderloin Sliders:        Two McLake Sliders Served on a Sweet Dinner Rolls.
Sandwich:                     Texas Grilled Cheese, Italian Beef, BBQ, 2-TACO (Soft or Hard)

Non Alcoholic Drinks:

Tea                     Mountain Dew
Sweet Tea           Diet Mountain Dew
Coke                  Dr. Pepper
Diet Coke            Lemonade
Sprite                  Orange Crush
Pepsi                  Root Beer
Diet Pepsi

Alcoholic Drinks
 Bud Light, Coors Light , Miller Lite                                                                                  
 Samuel Adams, Peroni                        
German Franziskaner
Mike’s Classic Margarita
Barefoot: Merlot/White Zinfandel, Sweet Red