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If you have purchased a Handgun, Rifle, and or Shotgun from and Out-Of-State seller, you must request a Federal Firearms Transfer. Most of these transfers are from Websites like GUNBROKER, GUNS AMERICA and other weapon selling internet auctions.

If you live in Indiana but purchased a weapon in state that you are not willing to drive to and do a back ground check on ATF Form 4473, again you must to a Federal Firearms transfer.

My cost for all Single weapons is $20. Just call my contact information, let me know who I need to send my Federal Firearms License to, and I will contact you when they arrive.

State sales tax applies if you purchase the weapon from an Indiana Dealer.

My cell is 812-236-1363 (Dave) if you need immediate assistance.
Illinois Residents can get Rifles and Shotguns from me with the same 1 day wait.. All handguns for Paris Illinois I take to Knights Sporting Goods just South of the Super Walmart for $20.